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Wednesday, January 03, 2018
By JustB Photography
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"Pray prayers that scare you..."(Lisa Bevere). I read this statement last year and it completely rocked my world! To be honest, it applied to every part of my life...every. single. part! It's a hard truth to hear. "If you're not praying prayers that scare certainly are NOT scaring the enemy!" And there it is! At the time, most of my scary prayers were targeted specifically to my personal life over my marriage and family. And...let me tell you...praying scary prayers and truly trusting that they do NOT scare God.... changes a lot! changed me. (God's funny like that). And now I feel compelled to start praying scary prayers for JustB Photography. So, what's my scary prayer for JustB?

Here's the thing, JustB Photography is my passion...but it is NOT just a hobby. My scary prayer is that God would take JustB beyond what I can do with it. That He can use it for His glory and truly use my talents to show His beauty in each of our clients. That He can fulfill the desire I have to take it full-time while still being able to provide financially what my family needs of me.  Why is this scary? Well, for one, I have four children who have to eat...all the time! Second, it requires making some changes at JustB Photography. I'm not good at change. I'm especially not good at change when it is going to affect my clients from here on. The easiest way to bring about change is to simply do it. So, here goes. 

Starting January 30th, JustB Photography's prices and packages will change. After A LOOOOT of research, we will FINALLY be offering prints from a professional printing company that you will purchase directly through us!!!! I'm so excited about this new offer! I'm a firm believer of all things printed! These images are far too beautiful to only be used for social media! They should be put in frames, they should hang on the wall, they should be enjoyed even when you're not logged into Facebook! (I'm preaching to myself here!) By offering prints, it's giving you a quick and easy way to have your images made into prints....with no extra effort on your part! And I truly believe it will make your experience with JustB Photography even better! 

It's a win-win! Clients will receive MORE! And JustB Photography will have the means to get more as well! In order to move JustB to the next step of Professional Photography it requires more expensive training and more expensive equipment. I'm so ready and excited to take JustB to the next level. I truly hope and pray that you have fallen in love with JustB services and products enough to stick with us through these changes. 

We are so thankful for each of you! Thank you for your business, your encouragement and your prayers! Here's to scary prayers - a no fear new year- and trusting God to take us further than we can on our own! 

"Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart!"- Psalm 37:4

"For with God, nothing will be impossible!" Luke 1:37

Monday, January 01, 2018
By JustB Photography
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My end of the year blog always seems to end up being my favorite. It causes me sit back and take a look into each and every session from the year. It reminds me of the struggles - and how those struggles were overcome. It reminds me of the new clients- and how friendships were made. It reminds me of the places we need to grow- and challenges me to grow in those areas and more. And it ultimately reminds me of how much of a blessing JustB Photography is each and every day! It is still surreal to me that I get to do this as a "job". It's true when they say that it doesn't feel like work when you love what you do! 

With that said, here is a quick look back over 2017! It was truly a GREAT year for JustB Photography!! And be sure to check out the next blog to see what all is in store for JustB Photography in 2018!! 

What a wonderful year it's been! We are so blessed by all of you who support, encourage and trust us with your forever memories! Here's to many, many more wonderful years at JustB! 

View the next blog to see what all is in store for JustB Photography for 2018!!!! Lots of changes, lots of new goals....lots of excitement!!!! 

Thursday, November 23, 2017
By JustB Photography
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I can't think of a better way to kick off JustB's Year Three than with Madison's Senior Session! Talk about a last minute meant to be kinda session! Madison's mom messaged on Sunday and we were out on their land shooting the following Tuesday. When it's meant to be, it's just meant to be. Not to mention that Madison is another one of my soul-mate-seniors who wanted to incorporate her love for music and reading into the session. Yes, please! 

This Glenwood Senior plays the oboe and loves all things reading and writing. She was so laid back and happily went into each and every pose asked of her. She even followed my cues of our fake laugh... trust me, it's well-worth hearing!! Haha

We had so much fun touring the Lavender's land out on the East Alabama Gun Club range. It was definitely the first time we've been required to wear ear plugs for a session and worked around gunfire. ;) And, can I just say, that this girl absolutely rocked her whole session! Madison is hands down gorgeous inside and out! It was such an honor to get to capture this exciting time in her life!! Wishing you the absolute best, Madison! Enjoy this last year of High School! We can't wait to see where all your talents and hobbies take you!

I hope you enjoy a sneak into Madison's session! And, don't hesitate to leave some love! <3

Monday, October 30, 2017
By JustB Photography
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With Fall and Christmas mini sessions opening, the major question I tend to get is... "Okay, what should we wear?!" So, instead of writing this all out in a bajillion emails, I thought I'd put together a list of some tips that I've either been given myself (my sisters pretty much have to come to my rescue EVERY time I have to pick out outfits for family pictures), found through fellow photographers (and <3 Pinterest<3), or seen first hand with JustB Photography. 

Now, please keep in mind, these are simply some beginner tips. If you are a PRO at all things matching or Picture-Perfect Ensembles - much like my older sisters seem to be-  by all means, have at it! In fact, I wouldn't mind getting some pointers from you for my upcoming portraits! Haha However, if you're like I was the first time I had to find matchey-but-not-TOO-matchey outfits for me and my kiddos...hopefully these pointers will give some guidance. (And ease). ;)

1. Dress for the Season

Trust me, I KNOW the weather round these parts is like an emotional roller coaster: freezing in the morning, storms for an hour, bright and sunny in the 80s for the afternoon! Like, weather, can you please get it together? I canNOT tell you how many times I tell clients to just "fake it 'til ya make it"! Side Bar- there's never a time me and Hannah feel more weird than when we are telling the clients in 80 degree weather "wrap the quilt around you and be're so coollllddddd". (Yes, we see the way you look at us....but, you do what you gotta do!) 

No matter the degree... you ARE out there with the intentions of putting this on a CHRISTMAS card! So, try to dress according to what the weather is SUPPOSED to be doing in November and December. Mind you, I would not recommend heavy jackets and scarves if the weather isn't going to play into your cold weather plan. You still want to be comfy....and the "glistening" look only works for so many pictures. ;) Light-weight long sleeves or 3/4 length sleeves work great. Both sessions seen above did a great job of dressing to fake the season, even if it WAS a little toasty outside.

2. Be COMFY!

Keep in mind that you will be put into poses... standing, leaning...sitting. We love moving our clients around to find the most flattering poses and bring large groups closer together. Besides, who doesn't already feel uncomfortable while being photographed? (Just me?... Awesome...) Being comfy is always a big tip from me...especially for the kiddos and hubby! It helps them not be restricted to certain poses...and keeps everyone from having another reason to complain about Mom dragging them out there. (Is that only my kids? Hmm...)

3. Light Colors

Going a neutral light color helps the darker features in the image stand out such as facial features, hair color or the beautiful background. I love the classic look of a mixture of neutral colors, which produces a family portrait that is timeless! It's also an image that can be displayed year round... without seeming like you're celebrating Christmas all year round (not that we would have a problem with that). 

4. Dark Colors

Putting the whole family in dark blues helps them stand out against the fall backgrounds. Navy tends to be a color that compliments most complexions and looks great during the fall/Christmas seasons! Dark blues, grays and even mustard yellow are always a big hit for family portraits!

5. All the Plaids!

When I think of the Holidays, I think of being cozy! Sweaters... thick socks....snuggling up under a quilt by the fire. Cozy and comfy! To me, nothing screams Christmas-cozy more than flannel! Maybe it's because I've always wanted to be that family with all the matching flannel Christmas pajamas? (**Maybe one year I can convince them all.**) So, when a family walks up in flannel and plaid, it just makes my heart happy! ALWAYS a classic for Christmas portraits!

6. Going Colorful (Or a POP of Color)

It's the Holidays! HAVE FUN! I adore all the colors this first family wore to their session! It was so fun putting them in front of more bright colors that simply fit in with their outfits. I also love when there is a *pop* of color in the middle of neutral colors. It helps add a little something extra to the portrait. No matter what, you really CAN just have fun with it! 

7. Go Formal

We got to do our first formal Christmas session last year and I could NOT be more obsessed! What a better time to go all out and get everybody dressed up?! Seriously? When else do you get the opportunity to coordinate and have the whole family dressed formally AND have all the Photographer's attention on YOUR family?! It's the perfect time to get some formal portraits taken. These will certainly be family favorites and be TIMELESS for having displayed in your home. It makes me want to just throw a fancy black-tie Christmas party and invite everyone! Haha 

8. Be Festive!

When it comes to kids' Christmas simply just can NOT go wrong!!! Be festive! Throw them in ALL the Christmas colors and themes! I promise, no one will say, "Ewe...your kids are way too into the Christmas spirit!" On the contrary, it will cue all the "aweee"s from every on-looker. Guaranteed! Christmas smocked outfits? A sea of red and green? Even Christmas Pajamas.... kids just have this way about them that makes them able to pull it off! Wanna hop in there with them? EVEN BETTER! Have fun!!! It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year...and it's okay for your Christmas pictures to say that as well!

9. Don't take yourself too seriously

At the end of the day, I have never had a client regret the Christmas portraits they had taken due to the outfits they chose to wear! Regardless of what you decide to wear, you will still LOVE the outcome because you LOVE the people in them. :) So, don't take yourself too seriously. Pick something you love and that works for the whole fam and just let us do the rest! And, please, oh please, let us know any tips or pointers you may have for what to wear this Holiday season for portraits!! 

If you're thinking about the outfits and still need the Photographer...well, we'd love to help you with that, too! Click here to contact us about booking your Family Christmas Session today! Thanks for stopping by!! 

Saturday, September 30, 2017
By JustB Photography
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When I finally got to meet Alyssa at her session, it made perfect sense that she's been used as a model for a local wedding gown boutique before! Alyssa's beauty is evident and 100% inside and out! Not to mention that she's an absolute NATURAL in front of the camera! Had no problems going into any and every pose asked of her. And, O-EM-GEE...when she would give us her "pensive/serious face", it was magazine worthy! Every. Single. Time.

We had so much fun strolling around Old Town Columbus with Alyssa and her Mom, Cathie, finding any and every unique backdrop to use. And I LOVED that Alyssa wanted to bring her dog along!! But, I'll quit talking about it now and just let y'all check out more from this Vogue-Worthy Senior Sesh! And, don't be surprised when she becomes a veterinarian model someday! ;)