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Monday, April 15, 2019
By JustB Photography
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If you're reading this, you must have seen our countdown on Instagram about a BIG blog! I'm so glad you took the bait cause I'm so excited to share this with ANYone and EVERYone who will read!!! Haha 


You pretty much already know the history of this business: Bubs the Hubs gave me a camera for Christmas so I could take "professional" looking pictures of our baby on the way... those "professional" looking pictures just looked super sad. I was then inspired/challenged to be better. I began youtubing all things cameras/photography, read every blog/article I could find, and followed any photographer who's style appealed to me. Eventually my pictures starting getting better which led to a friend asking if I would take family portraits for their Christmas card. (Still absolutely blown away by that...THANK YOU, Alyssa!!) That session gave me the encouragement I needed to begin this little passion, JustB Photography. 

 Well, if you've been a JustB follower for even just a little while, you've seen my constant struggle between putting everything I can into this well as everything else! My struggle with balance has probably been more than evident at times. Struggling to balance life, being wife, Mom-hood to FOUR, Elementary School Librarian, health and JustB Photography. At times, when JustB would be livin it's best life.... it seemed the rest of my life was barely squeaking by. Or, vice-versa! Sometimes it would feel like I was winning at all things life but JustB was being ignored (for lack of better wording). 

This has truly been something I have struggled with constantly throughout JustB's 4.5 years! Balance has pulled my heart every which direction. It has caused me to rejoice, cry, get it together just to have it all fall apart again and always sends me to my knees begging God for direction and strength. 

After MUCH prayer, endless discussion with my husband, too many nights to count spent laying awake seeking God's will, and encouragement from my best support system (thanks, mom!), I've come to the hardest cross-roads of my adult-life. 

Starting on May 24th, I will officially be FULL-TIME JustB Photography!!!! (Insert all the praise hands!!!!) I will get to stay home with my three year old her last year before she goes to pre-k - something I NEVER thought I would get to do! I will be able to spend more time building JustB into what I truly believe it can become! I will be able to offer you more of my time and efforts without feeling like I'm being pulled from different areas of my life! I'll be able to offer sessions outside of weekends! Be able to edit during normal functioning hours, as opposed to the typical 10 p.m. start time after babes have FINALLY gone to sleep! I'll be able to stay on top of laundry..... ok, who am I kidding? That one's just a pipe dream!!! :-/

Y'ALL! I cannot explain all the emotions my heart feels right now! Anxious, excited, nervous, passionate, humbled, so SO appreciative of my husband's confidence & support and even more thankful for God's provision and guidance! 

SO! What does that mean for you??? So many exciting changes coming to JustB Photography!!!

  • Weekday Sessions- For a limited time only, weekday sessions during business hours will be 30% OFF! This will begin June 1st and run through October!!


  • Gallery Turn Around- There be a quicker turn-around for you receiving your gallery!!


  • Prints Galore- We will now be offering prints!!! Starting in August, you will have the option to purchase professional prints through JustB Photography. We will have packages as well as a la carte options!


  • Referral Discount- You will receive a $10 credit to any JustB purchase for EVERY friend you refer who books a session with JustB! There is no limit to this!!! Seriously...refer 10 friends who book..BOOM! You've basically got a friend 30 minute session!!! Just sayin..... 


There are so many more changes coming...but I don't want to overwhelm you!! Haha I hope you can see just how excited I am about all of this!! This has been a dream for a few years...and I'm just in awe of God moving it to a reality! 

I hope you all know just how deeply I mean it when I say that this is a dream job and my absolute passion! I do not take lightly the task of capturing your forever memories. Every single client, booking, like+share+comment, and words of encouragement mean the world to me! I would truly covet any prayers you could send this way in this time of transition for JustB and The Wade family! Thank you for supporting me to this point!!! 

Wednesday, February 13, 2019
By JustB Photography
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I can't believe it's taken me this long to get this GORGEOUS wedding on the blog....but to say that last year got a little overwhelming would be an understatement! I'm thankful for the busy season we had leading up to Christmas....and now I'm thankful for a little calm before the busy spring! ;)


Sharon and I go way back to 10 years old, singing Christina Aguilera at the top of our lungs in the Children's Sunday School classroom (by the way, this gorgeous bride can SING), and daydreaming about being singers one day (even though Sharon would never admit how amazing her voice is). We've gone through a lot of life together: heart breaks, seasons of waiting, walks around the church talking about all of life... fast forward to her being in my wedding and me getting the absolute honor of capturing her wedding! 


Sharon and Dan are the epitome of a match made in Heaven! They both have the sweetest spirits and both love the Lord greatly! And their love for one another is simply breathtaking. Much like their wedding day was!!! This wedding is the result of a bunch of people at Crawford Baptist Church who simply love Sharon and Dan and put together the most gorgeous, unique and perfect day! Shout out to Amanda Graham for coordinating all the décor! 

Seriously, though, every single thing about this day was simply what fairy tales are made of! The whole day was filled with beauty: from the dress, the décor and the ceremony! Absolutely beautiful! 


But I'll stop talking about it and let you see for yourself! Sharon & Dan, thank you so much for trusting me with capturing your Best Day Ever! I wish you nothing but the best!!! Love y'all!!!



Tuesday, January 08, 2019
By JustB Photography
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Last year, we had the privilege of capturing "Pop and Gagga" with their whole family. When Melissa first asked if we would be available she explained that Pop was not in good health, couldn't leave their home and would have to be seated the whole time. 

"Okay, so let's just wheel his chair out in the front yard and crowd everyone around him!" 


Sometimes we want to wait. Wait for someone's health to improve. Wait until we lose the weight. Wait until the toddlers are more manageable. Wait until life slows down a bit..... Wait. 


We went out to Pop and Gagga's house. We wheeled his chair into the front yard. He was cold and wanted a blanket to cover up. It was a short and sweet session with every pose simply crowding around their grandparents.....

You see, the location didn't matter. The fact that Pop was covered with a blanket didn't matter. The lack of a variety of different poses did not matter. Capturing THIS moment with these people...that's what mattered! Having a printable memory of everyone crowded around this precious couple who held hands the whole time mattered. Freezing a time when Pop was well enough to sit up and have great-grandkids in his lap matter. 

The problem with waiting is that there will ALWAYS be a reason to wait. Hear me on this!

There will always be weight you want to proud of that amazing body and get the pictures taken.

The toddlers may not become more manageable...or they become teens who just ain't feelin' the family photos... accept this stage of life and get the pictures taken.

There will always be a busy season...pause and get the pictures taken.

You may have to meet someone where they are...with blanket cover and all..... go meet them and get the pictures taken!

The health may not improve..... 


Pop passed away a few months after we were able to take these pictures.

Melissa's family participated in our Christmas mini session last month and we were able to talk about Pop and this session. They had a photo album made for Gagga....who looks at these images almost every day. None of the reasons they should have waited mattered! And, thank God that those reasons didn't keep them from booking...because, what an amazing way Gagga gets to look back and remember him!


I will always look back on *this* session and remember why I love this little passion of taking pictures. I want you to have that album you can pick up and look through. I want you to remember the way you looked, the toddlers at this age, the busy season, the family members who may have passed. Get the pictures taken. If not for yourself...then for the next person who will want to look through that book. 

I promise, you will not regret it.

Get. The. Pictures. Taken. 



Wednesday, May 09, 2018
By JustB Photography
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Yes, these portraits may have taken place TWO months ago... and, yes, I completely failed to get them on the blog in a timely manner. But, seriously, when you have newborn portraits like *these* sitting on your laptop, they simply HAVE to be shared!!!! So, accept all my apologies and know that I promise the tardiness is made up for in the adorableness! Just trust me! ;) 

Monday, March 05, 2018
By JustB Photography
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That moment you become pregnant after doctors tell you there is no way it can happen...... I guess God just knew that this little family was not complete yet! ;) I know that ALL pregnancies are simply an absolute joy..but there's just a DIFFERENT type of anticipation surrounding a miracle baby! And this family is DEFINITELY excited! 


I loved that Kristy wanted so quickly to do an earthy session equipped with Mother-Earth gown, floral head-wrap and complimented by, none other than, a waterfall! Yes, please!!! And, she NAILED it!!! She looked nothing short of an absolute fairy goddess! It also fit perfectly with Finn's nursery theme of "Adventure"! And, you can't leave out, Caleb (the big brother) who did an unforgettable reading to baby-bump- including voices! (What can I say, he's definitely a former Library student of mine!) Haha 

I simply adore everything about this maternity session and canNOT wait to get my lens on Mr. Finn!!!!