Maternity Portraits - Columbus, GA

I think I can honestly say that maternity is one of my favorite things to capture! The moment a Mom-2-B is anxiously waiting this tiny human who has already captured her heart...oh, my heart swells just thinking about it! And to have the joy of CAPTURING that anticipation and pure love is a treasure indeed! 

Our Maternity Sessions are held at an outdoor location and last 45 minutes. We encourage our Mom-2-B to bring props personal to your little bundle of joy! Is there a football team you already know he will play for? Bring a jersey! Is the theme to her nursery too adorable to not incorporate? Bring a stuffed animal or monogram that can be used! 

Pregnancy is a BEAUTIFUL time...and we love getting to capture timeless, gorgeous images of you to show just how beautiful this time really is on YOU! We offer several Mom-2-B packages. For pricing or to schedule a session, contact us here.